Paulo Gomes

Here are top 5 things this person is really good at according to
the HIGH5 strengths test

HIGH5 Test Results


Philomaths love learning. They explore many interests, follow new paths and acquire as much knowledge as possible. They don’t enjoy the company of so-called 'know-it-alls’, people with little curiosity and no desire to explore new ideas.


Thinkers enjoy mental activity, intellectual discussions and time alone in reflection. They find it difficult to work in teams that tend to act before thinking.

Peace Keeper

Peace Keepers are masters of balance. Their strength helps them find alignment and build bridges among people to reach the best outcomes. They feel emotionally drained by constant friction among those who do not seek common ground.


Strategists look at the big picture, which enables them to easily find the best way out of the clutter. Because connecting the dots comes naturally to them, they may get impatient with people who make slower decisions.

Time Keeper

Nothing excites Time Keepers more than meeting a deadline. They enjoy setting up processes, timelines and plans. They may feel confused in chaotic circumstances where neither the outcomes nor the ways to achieve these are clear.

What are your strengths?

HIGH5 is a free strengths discovery test helping people to find out what they are naturally good at. It is based on the positive psychology research showing that people who focus on nurturing their strengths as opposed to fixing their weaknesses report higher life satisfaction, stronger relationships, and more successful careers.

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